Too Much MacTiggle is the first in a series of children’s books!

Here’s what readers and reviewers have been saying about Too Much MacTiggle:

“Both gentle and riveting, this is a story for moms and dads and all children who love wonder and excitement. Too Too Much, the mischievous and energetic title character, is a Scottish terrier puppy in a race for love and a good home.  Will he find it? Tonie Melendez has written a beautiful story—timeless and sweet—with a lot riding on the shoulders of our droopy-eared little hero. Get in your jammies and hop into bed, kiddos, it’s story time.”
Thomas Dominguez, Ph.D.

“A lovely story of a dog’s adjustment to his new home and his family’s challenges in handling his impulses creates an engrossing tale that young chapter book readers will relish as they learn how a troublesome personality finds a place in the world.”
Diane Donovan of Midwest Book Review

pdr_5_star_gold_web“A ‘must’ for any family library with youngsters, Too Too Much will wag his way into your heart. Illustrated with emotions of nervousness, looks of love, and sensory awareness of new smells and sounds, Too Much MacTiggle will tickle a child’s fancy and drift their minds into the playful world of puppyhood.”
A five-star review from Pacific Book Review!


  • Try and unscramble these words from Chapter One of Too Much MacTiggle!


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