My name is Too Much MacTiggle. That’s Tiggle not tickle (smile). I’m a 3-month-old black Scottish terrier puppy with a droopy left ear, a too-big nose, and short stubby legs. If I may, I would like to share my story of how l ended up in Mr. Teeply’s pet shop.

As a pup, I was always getting into trouble. Make that way too much trouble. Keep in mind that puppies are very curious and love to chew on things. Well, I’m no exception to that rule!

Here goes. Early one morning my owner caught me chewing on one of her favorite slippers. Now don’t ask me why, but I love chewing on slippers. I had chewed on it until it was all soggy (smile). She forgave me.

The next morning she was wearing some really cool black fluffy slippers. That night she had left them in the living room. Well, guess what? I chewed them both until they were all soggy (smile).

When she saw her chewed up soggy slippers, she had a tizzy!! I remembered her saying, “That’s it! You just chewed up your last pair of slippers!”

She wrapped me up in a nice warm blanket and placed me in a basket. The next thing I remember is looking up into Mr. Teeply’s smiling face. I smiled, wondering if he had any fuzzy slippers. And the rest is history.


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